Monday, October 18, 2010

Speaking Against Idea Management

In this video, the speaker engages with his topic - why Idea Management Systems don't work!

Essentially he argues that such a small proportion of ideas come through the other end of the ideas funnel, and if you're not careful too many good ideas get killed in the funnel.

It's a good provocative thought starter. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?


Gregg Fraley said...

I've met Eddie and he's brilliant, but I think he's a better analyst than he is a strategist, at least based on this video. He's right in his assessment, generally. This is how it works.

However, the "fix" which isn't in this clip, has to do with: a.) How ideas are selected (which bunny doesn't get shot) and b.) The culture of the organization.

I've worked in start-ups where the time frame of idea to action was 15 minutes. And we did this all day long.

To get to great ideas you need a lot of ideas. This has been studied and proven. And, management can't act on all ideas, so, ideas do need to be either killed, or changed to work. Or, yes, even put on hold.

Thoughtful convergence is the answer to this problem. And, awareness of what you want ideas for. So, Eddie's right in that many organizations kill ideas that might change them. The answer is knowing if you want disruptive ideas, or adaptive, incremental ideas. And then moving forward with decisions and actions on the ideas that work for your goals.

I'm not sure Eddie was really speaking against Idea Management as in IM Systems. He's was speaking about the typical informal innovation process that exists in many organizations, and he's right about that. IF he suggests a better method that gets to better ideas without all the volume, well, maybe that why he's getting the big bucks.

In my world, you need a lot of ideas, you need to keep track of them, and you need an IMS for that.

Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for joining the conversation! You make some great points.

Yes, as you mention the video was one in a series. The next one is

I agree that taken in the context of the full series Eddie is very much talking about an idea management process.