Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Innovation News - Week of October 4th 2010

Who has the best Idea Management scheme in their company? It turns out that there's a competition to find out, run by the Employee Involvement Association (EIA). The winner this year was Dubai Aluminium Company, up against some strong competition.

Since writing on the adoption of idea management systems using a diffusion of innovations model, I have been happy and interested to see some other diffusion of innovation stories being presented recently. Boris Pluskowski expands on the early stages of adoption of Idea Management Systems on Blogging Innovation, while The Front End of Innovation uses the diffusion of innovations to talk about building momentum within a pilot community.

It's good to see non-profits benefiting from Idea Management Systems, as described for example in this article from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations about suggestion schemes and idea management.

Alexander Osterwalder mentioned that he is working on an iPad app with tools to support business model innovation.

innovationmanagement.se is looking at which software solutions are best for supporting open innovation.

Cognistreamer has launched a new product, Cognistreamer Campaign Manager, a new product designed to foster idea collaboration in the open space between an organization and customers, partners and the general public.

It's interesting that Spigit is appointing a VP of Sharepoint Strategy - it sounds like a great move for Idea Management in the Corporate Enterprise Collaboration market.

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