Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Innovation news in the week to October 12th 2010

Some of the things that have been happening in innovation this week on the web included:

Siemens celebrated 100 years of idea management within their organisation using the 3i methodology.

Innovation and idea management blog posts included articles on strategies for generating the right kind of ideas, listening to the Voice of the Customer as part of the idea management process, and assessing which ideas are both good and executable.

The Front End of Innovation had a good set of thought-starters for thinking through some of the technical considerations relevant to selecting an idea management solution while Nosca proposed a related set of questions for assessing whether your idea management implementation is on track for success.

A solution built on Spigit for use by Manor labs has been recognized by the John F Kennedy School of Government for its successes related to innovation in the public sector and in public policy.

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