Friday, October 8, 2010

Ideas Needed! The Idea Management Survey 2010

Like you, I'm really committed to listening to everyone's ideas, and putting the best ones in to action. That's what we're all here for on Idea Management Systems, right? Yes!

So from time to time, I put a call out to visitors to this website - I really need to hear YOUR ideas for how I can improve this site! Also, I am in the process of developing version 2.0 of the Idea Management Systems Report - I've got some great topics to cover, but I want to make sure that I am covering everything that is important to you, and I really need your input to 'sense check' the report's coverage.

So, I've created a survey. It's short - just a couple of pages, with only a few questions per page.

Here it is: click here to take the survey!

Also, I want to put together a BONUS to send to everyone who completes the survey, to say thank you for your time and for your ideas and feedback.

The bonus might be delivered as an e-book, it might be a webinar, it might be a video. Initially I was thinking it might be a collection of some of the best content already covered on this website, but then I thought ... I could ASK you what content you would most like to see covered, and how you would like it delivered.

So, the last page of the survey will ask you what you'd like to see in your bonus content, and how you would like it delivered.

Take the survey today!

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