Wednesday, October 13, 2010

44 Idea Management Software Solutions!

This website maintains a list of Idea Management software products available on the market in the right hand column of the site. As at the time of writing, there are 44 distinct Idea Management Software vendors listed.

There is quite an array of different approaches and different strengths from a wide range of suppliers.

Here is the current full list:
  1. Accept Ideas
  2. Akiva
  3. BrainBank IdeaLink
  4. BrainReactions
  6. Cognistreamer
  7. Component Workshop BrightSpark
  8. CorasWorks Idea Management for Sharepoint
  9. Creax
  10. DataStation Innovation Cloud
  11. e-tipi
  12. Employee Suggestion Box
  13. HypeIMT
  14. i-nova
  15. IBM Idea Factory
  16. id-force
  17. ID8 Enterprise Idea Management
  18. Idea Accelerator
  19. Idea Champions IngenuityBank
  20. IdeasCount
  21. Imaginatik Idea Central
  22. Incent Solutions ids Software
  23. Innovation Factory IdeaNet
  24. InnovationCast
  25. inogate
  26. InsightResults e-Impact
  27. Invention Machine Goldfire
  28. Jenni
  29. justlogin
  30. Kindling
  31. Kirei Mile Marker
  32. MangoSpring MangoIdeas
  33. MindMatters Innovator
  34. MuchBeta Teepin
  35. Nosco Idea Exchange
  36. Orchidea Innovations
  37. phpOutsourcing IdeaBox
  38. Prism ISDE
  39. QMarkets Ideation 2.0
  40. SalesForce Ideas
  41. SAP Inspire
  42. SIM
  43. Spigit
  44. Uservoice
Update!! Some additional Idea Management Software Solutions have been suggested in the comments, below.


    mrivs said...

    You missed off Induct:

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Thanks for letting me know! I've added Induct to the list on the right of this page.


    bikaps7 said...

    Hi there,

    nice list, but there are much more idea management software solutions out there:
    Please add

    Kind regards

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...


    Thanks for mentioning that link, that's a nice list!

    This is a good opportunity to mention that a couple of the criteria I used in compiling my list were that

    * I restricted it to English language sites only (so that I could meaningfully assess whether the sites intended to promote a genuine Idea Management System)
    * I excluded related software products such as Mind Mapping software products that didn't cover additional aspects of the Idea Management process such as evaluation and review of ideas.

    If you have any links to English language sites for Idea Management products not on my list, please let me know the additional details!

    It is also great to know of lists of Idea Management software in other languages, thank you for that.

    Anonymous said...

    Comprehensive list. I would add MillionBrains,

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Hello Frode,

    Thank you for the suggestion! I'll add MillionBrains to the updated list on the sidebar of this website.



    Magnus said...

    Outside this list, there are also idea management solutions in larger organizations built on MS SharePoint to get integration with collaboration, social networking etc. internally. At Ericsson we started our own collaborative idea management inititive like that a few years ago. More here:

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Hi Magnus,

    Great comment. You are absolutely correct, other systems such as Sharepoint, process management software, ERP software, and PLM software systems can also be used to implement an Idea Management System or indeed a bespoke system, and there are pros and cons between each of these options and special purpose Idea Management software.

    Whatever choice your organization makes, the key is to choose or configure software that enables innovation processes that meet your business needs.

    Crowdworks said...

    Hi - our Idea Management platform, Crowdworks ( been in the market here in the UK for the past 2 years and has been adopted by organisation as diverse as the BBC, Boots, Royal College of Nursing. We would love a mention in your list.

    Catherine said...

    Hi there,

    FeatureSet is also a great tool for ideas management, you should add them to your list:

    Thanks for all your insightful posts!

    Kind Regards,

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Hello Crowdworks and Catherine,

    Thanks for letting us know about your Idea Management products!

    I have added your products to the list in the sidebar on the right of this page.

    David said...

    Please add our idea management software to your excellent list!

    Kutlu Kazanci said...

    Dr. Mackinnon & company,
    We have joined the bandwagon as well. At, we strive to incentive and make collaboration and co-creation happen.

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Thank you David and Kutlu, I will add these solutions in to the list on the sidebar.

    colin said...

    Hi! You missed IdeaBlinkk:

    It's been around since 2007 so one of the grand daddy's of all of these idea management and brainstorming softwares, and is being used at Cisco Labs and Yahoo!

    It's created by a company called MediaBlinkk at

    It's simple fast and inexpensive.

    It was originally called JumpStart, but has recently been renamed to fit in with the product line.

    MediaBlinkk -
    is actually #1 on Google for "social publishing software".
    Check it out:

    Pepijn said...

    Hi Dr. Lauchlan, you also might want to add An efficient tool to run idea contests among employees.

    Евгений Белошицкий said...

    Look at wridea - Idea management service and collection of brainstorming tools.

    ­Ownage« said... is another neat tool.

    Melanie said...

    How about Userecho and FeedbackRoad

    Unknown said...

    Hi Lauchlan,
    Could you add Vetter ( ) ? We are pretty new - we were founded at the Taipei Startup Weekend in August 2011.

    Veeresh Dharappanavar said...

    Dear Lauchlan,

    SpadeWorx’s Idea Management Solution (Ideacomb) is developed on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Silverlight 4. Ideacomb utilizes SharePoint 2010 strengths such as collaboration, content management, business intelligence & enterprise search capabilities and Silverlight to benefit from its Rich User Interface capabilities.

    Ideacomb brings unique features to help enterprises harness ideas from their employees, partners, customers, Ideacomb also utilizes social networking features to help enhance collaboration within the platform. Ideacomb’s well thought processes help carry ideas right from initiation to various evaluation stages, thus bringing out best ideas to pilot/ implement.

    Ideacomb also has an inbuilt Project Management System to execute successful ideas. Ideacomb can be integrated with Microsoft Project Server and other platforms like SAP Project Management module.

    Please visit for more information

    Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

    Thanks for letting me know about this Idea Management product Veereesh.

    I have added ideacomb to the list of Idea Management products on this site in the right sidebar.

    Veeresh Dharappanavar said...

    Thanks Lauchlan!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi there,

    Nosco Idea Exchange is already on your list. However, in January 2012, we launched a new, rebuilt idea management platform - Nosco App.

    Thank you in advance

    Katie Parvin said...

    Great list! We have actually just launched a new customer feedback/idea management software, The IdeaWall (
    We have a few great features that none of our direct competitors have. One of which is being able to award additional votes to specific users or groups!

    Vit said...

    Such a List! It can be for sure updated with PHP/MySQL self-hosted solution Free plan available

    Marc Devillard said...

    Hello and thanks for maintaining this list.
    Please add MFinnov by Motivation Factory, with 11 years of existence, 700 000 users and a complete offering: idea collection and processing through personalized workflows.

    Marc Devillard said...

    Hello and thank for maintaining this list.
    Please add MFinnov by Motivation Factory which boasts 700 000 users, 11 years of existence, and a complete offering including idea collection, processing through customized workflows, and social features.

    Reg Cheramy said...

    Love to see Edistorm - added to the list.

    Alan Qureshi said...

    have a look to myIdeaWorks from myTeamWorks. Interesting challenge concept for co creation as well as the crowdsourcing.

    David P. Owen said...

    Another one missing from the list is Wordpress! Create a private blog for your organization, have employees submit ideas as super-brief blog articles, use tags for products and business functions (e.g. product1, product2, marketing, branding, IT) and finally, use categories for your idea funnel stages.

    What's powerful about this is that different users can subscribe to one another, so you get instant or daily notification of new ideas.

    And it's free.

    John Joseph said...

    Thanks for sharing the updated list of idea management software solutions. These details will make it easier for many companies to evaluate various systems, and choose the idea management solution that complements their specific needs.

    John Joseph said...

    Thanks for sharing the updated list of idea management software solutions. These details will make it easier for many companies to evaluate various systems, and choose the idea management solution that complements their specific needs.

    INNOVORIS Labs said...

    Please also update the list with IdeaCenter solution developed by INNOVORIS Labs.

    baba hugo said...

    How about a platform that end users actually can use with just basic computer skills Hyperlink Code

    Valentina Migliore said...

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to suggest SkipsoLabs ( as an idea management software solution.

    Kind regards.

    baba hugo said...


    I would like to suggest IdeaMatic ( as an cloud based idea management solution.

    Kind regards.

    Anonymous said...

    Have you had a look at

    Rich Kneece said...

    Hi Lauchlan,

    Shameless plug here. Hope you'll include our platform, Vocoli, on your list.

    You can visit us at

    Also, happy to set up a demo for you.

    ~ RK

    Daveonz said...

    Have you tried

    Sofia Emthén said...

    Have a look at - a swedish user friendly idea management system!

    Juan Cano-Arribí said...

    Hi Lauchlan,

    Nice list!
    I suggest that you include IbO in the list:

    Kind regards,

    André Langlois said...


    Nice site. Please update the list with "IdeasMine" ( Idea and Action Management System edited by AL Consulting, A team of Senior International Consultants, Expert Engineer in methods and tools for the continuous and simultaneous improvement of quality, productivity and reduction of delays. A simple and immediately operational system to gather progress ideas from all employees. The Idea box of the XXIst century.

    Simon Hill said...

    Wazoku ( is a leading Idea Management software company out of London. Our solutions are used by large enterprise and government organisations globally. Would welcome a slot on the list and have a load of happy customers who can share their stories and the value of working with our solutions.