Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Innovation News - Week of September 27th

Here is some of the innovation and Idea Management news that crossed my desk during the last week leading up to September 28th:

ZDNet interviewed innovation author David Croslin on Innovation Management. The article raised some interesting questions about the boundaries of innovation management, citing Starbucks and Dell in the discussion. Croslin questioned the value of the ideas that had been collected, and pointed to the necessity of business people and business processes to process the ideas generated. As Jeffrey Baumgartner suggested in the comments,
"... tools like Dell's IdeaStorm and Starbuck's platform are really suggestion schemes and not idea management by any definition. They are tools that invite customers to submit ideas - like the suggestion boxes of old. But they do not structure innovation nor provide any process for managing ideas that come in."
I'm hearing distinct echos of conversations from a couple of years ago, when we were questioning the value of Starbucks and Dell's Idea Management approaches ...

The Front End of Innovation published an article on the "innovation wars", an interesting perspective on the state of the Idea Management market.

Imaginatik interviewed Gina O'Connor of the Lally School of Management and Technology on incremental versus breakthrough innovation. The article explores the relative merits of incremental and breakthrough innovations and advocates a balanced portfolio of both kinds of innovaitons.

Idea Management Software vendor Kindling is going international, announcing localization of their software application in to other languages and new partners for distributing their software globally.

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