Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Innovation News - Week of September 20th

Here is some of the innovation and Idea Management news that crossed my desk during the last week leading up to September 21st:

Imaginatik touched on the subject of incentive schemes for your Idea Management System, with an article quoting some fascinating psychological research showing the value of intrinsic motivation in rewarding employee contributions. Incentive schemes are a significant subject with many complexities and nuances, but the value of intrinsic motivation is well supported. A good academic reference is economist Bruno Frey's book Not Just For The Money, in which Frey ran some classic studies to show the impact of financial incentives on behaviour and how financial incentives could disrupt intrinsic motivation.

Jeffrey Baumgartner of jpb.com argued that idea management implementations can and should be simple. Baumgartner makes an excellent point, but conversely if an organisation has developed a high degree of process maturity then they will want an idea management system that can support that level of process definition. Matching the idea management solution to your corporate culture, processes and way of thinking is a significant consideration when selecting an Idea Management System solution. Otherwise, like many Enterprise Resource Planning solutions you may need to some extent reengineer your processes to match your technology solution.

Jbp.com also this week announced that the Jenni Idea Management System will gain local US support as in a joint venture with Reliant Tech of New Jersey, USA, The Idea Hunter, of London, UK and Synopse of India, jpb.com (the makers of Jenni Idea Management software) have launched a new company in the USA to oversee developing, selling and marketing Jenni innovation process management in the Americas and India. The new company will be led by Dan Kenyon and will enable jpb.com to serve better the American market and improve the pace of software development.

Finally, Blogging Innovation released the results from their survey to find their top 40 innovation bloggers of 2010. This is a great list of smart business people sharing their knowledge online.

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