Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Innovation News - Week of September 13th 2010

Some news and updates regarding innovation and Idea Management from the last week:

Imaginatik are launching a collaborative Idea Management initiative with NASA. Imaginatik also interviewed innovation author Paul Sloan. Some of the key points from the interview were that innovation needs to be led by an executive leader with vision for change, and that innovation budgets can be managed centrally or allocated by department.

The Heart of Innovation talked about 41 things that business leaders can do to foster a culture of innovation.

McKinsey Consulting recently released their Innovation and Commercialization 2010 Global Survey results - I'll have more to say on this in a later post.

The Washington Post surveyed business leaders' views on innovation.

BloggingInnovation talked about the importance of 'marketing' your Idea Management innovation initiative

Adam Westerski collated a great set of links for what is happening in the Idea Management space.

BuiltToThrive reflected on a tension between loose networks and formal structures in managing innovation.

The African Consultants Network talked about the importance of innovation - including Idea Management - in the new economy.


LyndseyKiesecker said...

I'm surprised Spigit was not mentioned here. Just last week Spigit was featured along with customer AT&T in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article discussing companies using software to tap workers' collective intelligence to solve problems, reduce costs, and find new markets. BusinessWeek also just featured Spigit talking about how customer Cisco tries to find its next big business ideas from employees and outsiders alike. Check out the articles here:


Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

Hi Lyndsey

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I particularly liked Bloomberg's video (your second link)!

There's a lot of news in innovation and idea management each week - as I argue in a post being released tomorrow, I think the Idea Management market is maturing and getting even more active and moving more solidly in to the mainstream. Occasionally with all this activity, I may miss something that has happened, depending on what comes through my news sources during the week.

Where you know of some great news in the last week that concerns innovation and idea management, please do not hesitate to send some information through to me. I plan to publish this news roundup each Tuesday, so if you can send news through to me by the Friday of each week that would be much appreciated. I may not publish everything I receive due to space, relevance or other editorial constraints, but I am very keen to have all relevant news and information available while I am writing my news update article each week.

I would encourage any other innovation and idea management vendors, authors, or commentators in the innovation space to do the same. If you send me a message through the 'contact' page on this site, I will reply with my direct email address (Hutch Carpenter at Spigit also has this). Also you might like to connect me with your marketing/PR person, so that he or she can send me press releases and updates directly where you have news going to the market.