Monday, September 6, 2010

Idea Management Systems Report - On Sale in September 2010!

Around 3 years ago, I produced an Idea Management Systems Report, designed to assist indiviuals and organisations involved in the information-seeking and evaluation and selection phases of implementing an Idea Management System to:
  • Help investigate the range of offerings in the Idea Management software space and understand what alternatives and choices exist
  • Help build the business case for investing in an Idea Management System
  • Review a wide range of critical factors in the decision making process from business through to technology considerations
This report has now been on the market for 3 years. I reviewed the report recently, and am pleased to be able to say that the vast majority of the content of the report, around 90% of the content, is still current and relevant, and that the predictions I made about the development of the Idea Management software space and alternative and competing technologies appear to have been consistent with the way the market has actually developed since I first wrote the report. 

However, it is now time for a revision and update to the report, and to add some new material, so I am now starting work on the development of Version 2.0 of the Idea Management Systems Report.

In the interim, while I'm working on version 2.0 of the report, I've decided to put the report on sale during the month of September 2010, and for everyone who purchases the current version of the report between now and when Version 2.0 is released, or has purchased the report previously, a copy of the Version 2.0 report will be included for free when it is released

I've also decided to move the report to here on this site, so that it is easier to find.

The report is available for purchase for both single-person use and for organization-wide use.

If you have previously purchased Version 1.0 of the report and have any comments or feedback you can share to help me improve it for Version 2.0, or if you are interested in such a report and have any thoughts about content or topics that you would like covered in Version 2.0 of the Idea Management Systems Report Version 2.0, please contact me with those ideas so I can include this input while developing Version 2.0 of the report. 

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