Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 9 Signs of a Losing Organisation

Indonesia's Professionals and Entrepreneur's Club has recently posted an article on "the 9 signs of a losing organisiation."

Coming in at number 9 is poor "Idea and Knowledge Management":
Poor Idea and Knowledge Management: cross-pollination of ideas is not facilitated; no idea management and knowledge management strategies and systems; "know-it-all" attitude; "not invented here" syndrome.
The other 8 signs proposed are:
  1. Fuzzy Vision
  2. Lack of Leadership Skills
  3. Discouraging Culture:
  4. High Bureaucracy
  5. Lack of Initiative
  6. Poor Vertical Communication
  7. Poor Cross-functional Collaboration
  8. Poor Teamwork

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Imaginatik said...

This posting on is right on the mark - thankfully, there are several things an organisation can do to not lose, particularly when it comes to idea management. Idea Management requires internal leadership first and foremost. Our own innovation management research indicates that companies that successfully implement these programs share certain traits as do those who fail in this effort.