Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 9 Signs of a Losing Organisation

Indonesia's Professionals and Entrepreneur's Club has recently posted an article on "the 9 signs of a losing organisiation."

Coming in at number 9 is poor "Idea and Knowledge Management":
Poor Idea and Knowledge Management: cross-pollination of ideas is not facilitated; no idea management and knowledge management strategies and systems; "know-it-all" attitude; "not invented here" syndrome.
The other 8 signs proposed are:
  1. Fuzzy Vision
  2. Lack of Leadership Skills
  3. Discouraging Culture:
  4. High Bureaucracy
  5. Lack of Initiative
  6. Poor Vertical Communication
  7. Poor Cross-functional Collaboration
  8. Poor Teamwork

Being An Idea Champion In Your Organization

Lets say you are an employee or manager in a Big Company. You have a great idea. How do you get it listened to?

Synergy Blog has posted a recent article on what to do with a great idea, giving guidance to individuals within the corporate machine on how to get their ideas implemented. The recommended 6-steps are:
  1. Reflect, Test, and Develop the Initial Idea
  2. Find out How Ideas are Assessed or Evaluated
  3. Prepare the Why Argument
  4. Prepare the How Argument
  5. Get Support for Your Idea
  6. “Sell” Your Idea

Idea Management in the UAE

It is interesting to look at the implementation of Idea Management Systems across different cultures and languages.

A recent article in Arabian-speaking countries' news portal Al Bawaba discussed Idea Management in the UAE by focusing on Dubai World’s "Suggestion and Reward Scheme" (SRS), supervised and run by Dubai World's Business Excellence Centre.

According to the article:
SRS received 755 suggestions in the first six months of 2008, of which 131 were implemented. These helped saving Dhs16 million for Dubai World, while the rewards given away totaled Dhs.570,000. The number of suggestions submitted, approved and implemented since 2001 to the first half of 2008 totaled 1442, and the total amount rewarded touched Dhs4.3 million.
Ms. Awatif Mohammed, Head of the SRS programme, reported that during this period:
. . . the SRS has received several prominent international awards, such as the 2007 Idea of the Year Award - Productivity Category from ideasUK, the 2007 First Prize in International Poster Competition from ideasUK and the 2008 Idea of the Year Award - Finance Category and runners up in Productivity Category.
There are approximately 9 Dhs to the US dollar.