Monday, June 23, 2008

The Idea Hunter on Sustaining the Innovation Process

Andrew Greaves from the Idea Hunter blog recently posted an article on sustaining the innovation process.

Andrew proposes 18 relevant steps for sustaining innovation, which are also highly relevant also for organisation implementing an innovation initiative from scratch.

I won't reproduce Andrew's list here, as - due to the power of the internet - his list is only a click away. However I will comment there would be a few elements I would add to his list:

1. Strategic alignment

Align the innovation initiative with the organisational strategic objectives from the outset. What is the organisation committed to achieving? Ensure that the innovation agenda and infrastructure is aligned with this.

2. Use project management and change management methodologies to initiate and embed innovation structures, processes and culture

Implement the innovation initiative as related projects with appropriate change management to integrate an innovation mindset and behaviours into the organisation. Reinforce, sustain and reward the new culture and behaviours.

3. Tailor the innovation initiative to the specific organisation

Every organisation is different. The leadership is different, the culture is different, and across different industries or different competitive positioning the dynamics of an organisation and its relationship to the market and competitors may be different. While some of the structure of Idea Management may be generic in its general features, think carefully about your needs and tailor your innovation solution to meet your needs and your culture.

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aditya said...

I read the post by Andrew Greaves and I would like to add to what you have written. Another approach to innovation can be creative emulation. This means learning from an already tested innovation and applying it to your field. This also reduces the risks associated with innovation in terms of return on investment. I would like to get your views on innovation on our corporate blog (