Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Australian Government Kicks Off an Idea Campaign

Australia recently voted in a new Government late last year, and one of the first acts of incoming Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was to open up an Idea Campaign, called Australia 2020, to solicit the best ideas for Australia as a country in the period going forward to 2020.

Ideas have been sought in the following categories:
A political activist group, GetUp!, has also set up a forum for members to contribute and discuss ideas for submission to the forum - and GetUp members who are delegates to the summit will take members' ideas forward to the government.

The period for submissions has recently closed, and submissions are now being considered.

The Australian Government initiating an Idea Campaign is a terrific step forward. It would be nice to see this kind of Idea Management activity integrated into democratic government on an ongoing basis, not only in Australia but around the world.

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Matt said...

Did the Auustralian government or other stakeholder us Idea Management software for the campaign? If so, what and was it successful?