Friday, November 2, 2007

Stage-Gate Inc. Endorses CA Clarity for Managing the New Product Development Process

CA recently reported that Stage-Gate Inc. has certified CA Clarity for New Product Development (NPD), including Idea Management, Idea-To-Launch, and Portfolio Management. According to the Press Release:

Stage-Gate Inc. certified CA Clarity for NPD based on the sophistication of the solution for planning, resource allocation, scheduling, workflow, and reporting. These capabilities empower product development organizations to keep their NPD initiatives on track—so they can bring better products to market more quickly and at less cost.

CA Clarity for NPD underwent a rigorous evaluation process based on approximately 200 innovation-related criteria. Stage-Gate Ready certification assures potential buyers that CA Clarity for NPD provides the functionality necessary to successfully implement key Stage-Gate best practices—including Idea Management, Idea-to-Launch and Portfolio Management.

Stage-Gate Inc. President Dr. Robert Cooper commented:

I strongly recommend all would-be buyers to ask specifically for Stage-Gate Ready software, such as CA Clarity for NPD, even if your company does not deploy a traditional Stage-Gate process. We want to help organizations take advantage of innovation tools that help increase business performance, and believe that if we reduce the risks associated with these decisions, it's a win-win for everyone.

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Unknown said...

Having been Stage-Gate certified helps the CA Clarity NPD Option better align to some best practices, which helps adopters adapt to the workflows and portlets governing the innovation management processes more easily.
If your readers want to learn more, there is a good white paper on the subject at: