Tuesday, November 6, 2007

KickStart your Idea Management System Selection Process With an IMS Analyst Report

IdeaManagementSystems blog sponsor Cognitive Transitions is releasing today an Idea Management Systems research report.

The Report is designed to help you in your Idea Management System evaluation and selection process and in maintaining best practices in Idea Management as technologies and practices evolve. The Report contains:
  • An overview Idea Management Systems report outlining current trends and issues in Idea Management and discussing a range of considerations that will impact on rapidly determining your optimal Idea Management choices
  • 'Snaphot' highlight reports for 4 major Idea Management software products: Imaginatik Idea Central, BrightIdea.com, JPB Jenni, and Idea Champions IngenuityBank
  • 2 hours of included Idea Management consultancy to assist you with your Idea Management evaluation and selection process
The report is sold as a subscription, giving you access to all additional subscription reports, updates and research outcomes released with the subscription during the 12 month subscription period.

To celebrate the launch, Cognitive Transitions is making the Report subscription available at a 20% discount until Friday November 23rd 2007.

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