Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vertical Idea Management

Stewart Mackie of IdeaHub has introduced the concept of Vertical Idea Management (VIM).

Stewart defines a VIM as follows:
A VIM system is focused on the idea management needs of a specific industry and is a key area for the further development and maturity of idea management software.
A VIM has its own unique language and taxonomy and supply chain procedures. Stewart gives the example of the screenwriting profession in the movie industry, and wonders whether any software has been embedded across the supply chain for VIM in this space.

The concept of VIM raises many interesting questions. To achieve its full benefits, a VIM needs to be embedded across the supply chain for the vertical segment, and endorsed across the industry segment. In addition, if the VIM is provided by one vendor, there is the risk that the provider of VIM software effectively holds a monopoly in that vertical space (there is little point in having two vendors embedded deeply to provide VIM). The alternative is that the VIM framework is developed by the industry segment, and designed so that multiple vendor offerings can be supported and ideas developed in one or the other of the systems can be transfered easily to other systems.

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In fact a movie industry VIM does exist called NetStudio, which I blogged about on my screenwriting blog.