Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Using FaceBook as a Front-End for Idea Management

JPB (makers of the Jenni Idea Management software) have taken Idea Management firmly into the world of social networking by using FaceBook as a front end for the Jenni Idea Management System.

As Jeffrey Baumgartner of JPB writes in issue 115 of the JPB "Report 103" newsletter:
As of yesterday, any Facebook user can get Jenni as an Application on their profile. This allows the user to participate in ideas campaigns (although we call them "creative challenges" on Facebook) by reading the challenges, browsing ideas, submitting ideas and collaborating on ideas.

Moreover, when a Facebook user submits an idea or a building block (an elaboration of an existing idea) to Jenni, she and friends in her network receive a notification of her idea submission. Better still, every Facebook user of Jenni has a space in her profile with information about Jenni, her performance in Jenni, current creative challenges and rewards received. This motivates Facebook users to participate more and sparks interest from their friends.
The back-end for the idea consideration process is the Jenni Idea Management software.

This innovation enables organizations to use FaceBook as a front-end for organizations to source innovative ideas from a thriving web 2.0 social networking site, facilitating user-driven and community-driven innovation.

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