Tuesday, October 2, 2007

UK Based Scott Bader Selects Sopheon Accolade for New Product Development and Idea Management

Sopheon's Accolade product has been selected by Scott Bader, a U.K.-based producer of composite and specialty polymer resins, to implement their PLM system and New Product Development processes - including an Idea Management component. According to a Dutch report,
Sopheons Accolade system will play a central part in the initiative by enabling Scott Bader to automate its product development process and make more informed decisions about which product ideas to develop . . . The idea management module will facilitate the submission and capture of product ideas and supply scorecards that will help users systematically and objectively evaluate them.
One of the attractions of the Accolade system was its focus around process management. A spokesman for Scott Bader commented:
One area where we want to grow in sophistication is process measurement. Accolade will help us capture the metrics needed to track and evaluate the efficiency and predictability of our process and the business value of the projects that pass through it.

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Mark said...

I remember lovely Scott Bader - top notch approach to evaluating the benefits of systems, understanding the personnel requirements to deliver effective benefits, and have a ling standing relationship with an industry-leading vendor.

One looks forward to the fabulous case study of Scott Bader use of Accolade technology.

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Mark Turrell
CEO, Imaginatik