Saturday, October 27, 2007

Robert Tucker on Innovation Management

Innovation author and consultant Robert Tucker was interviewed by CNBC-TV18 on a recent visit to India. Tucker highlighted the role that Idea Management Systems play for top performing innovators and commented that:
What we find in these 23 companies that we studied is that they are getting systematic, are embedding innovation and are introducing idea management systems, so that no good idea gets lost or falls in the hands of competitors. They are becoming much more customer centric.
Tucker emphasised:
if you don’t have a capacity to innovate on an ongoing basis, you are not going to be in the game. It is like 25-30 years ago Edward Deming introduced quality management. So pretty soon if you didn’t have the essential level of quality, you aren’t in the game. What I see today happening and it is happening faster than even I predicted is if you don’t have innovation process, a well-oiled idea factory, you are not in the game.
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