Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Idea Champions IngenuityBank 4.0 Reviewed

Chuck Frey of the Innovation Tools website has updated his review of the Idea Champions IngenuityBank product to cover the latest features introduced by Idea Champions in IngenuityBank version 4.0.

Key features in IngenuityBank release 4.0 include mobility (the ability to submit ideas by SMS message from a mobile phone while away from the internet), "tag clouds" capturing and displaying metadata in a modern blog-like fashion, and extension of the rich multimedia and idea generation functionality to include additional embedded "games" for generating ideas. Other interesting features in IngenuityBank 4.0 include an integrated online shop for redeeming incentives points awarded to employees, allowing up to 50 evaluation criteria per idea campaign for evaluating ideas, and integrated instructional video material.

In addition, IngenuityBank tries to maintain a positive ideational culture through implementing a methodology of "Likes, Concerns, Suggestions" (LCS) in the software so that idea comments and "builds" encourage positive and collaborative feedback and interaction between participants.

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Michael Schacker said...

Thanks for the post. I am the inventor of Ingenuity Bank and the CEO of Ingenuity Software LLC, the spinoff company from Idea Champions. This is my favorite part of the review:

Idea Champions has done an impressive job of integrating ideation into the idea management process. Once you’ve seen these two capabilities joined together, it makes you wonder what took someone so long to do this. I firmly believe that if you can inspire employees to think at a higher, more creative level, the ideas you gather from them should be of a higher quality.

Another feature Ingenuity Bank has is unlimited idea drives. People don't realize that with Idea Central from Imaginatik, a large enterprise only gets 2 or 3 "Events". Bright Ideas is only up to 5 campaigns. Anything over that is thousands of dollars extra and in fact is so difficult to manage, companies don't do it.

This low number of events or campaigns causes a great "Innovation Bottleneck". Large enterprises need dozens and dozens of idea drives going simultaneously, some hidden by our groups function.

Think this difference between the systems needs to be discussed more, as Ingenuity Bank's drives are unlimited and have no extra cost and are so simple to do IT people are not even needed to set them up.