Thursday, July 26, 2007

Innovation Killers

Joyce Wycoff of the Innovation Network has listed the top 10 "innovation killers":
  1. Not removing fear of doing something new or of failing.
  2. Not making innovation performance part of everyone's review performance review process, with innovation targets and KPIs
  3. Not documenting, communicating and getting buy-in to the innovation process
  4. Not allowing flexibility to explore new possibilities and collaborate with others inside and outside the organization.
  5. Failing to ensure that everyone understands the corporate strategy, and that all innovation efforts are aligned with it - while still catching ideas from the left field
  6. Not scanning the environment for new ideas and stimulation
  7. Not honouring a diversity of thinking styles, experience, perspectives and expertise.
  8. Not finding a balance between good focal criteria that can focus ideation and restrictive criteria can stifle ideation and perpetuate assumptions and mindsets from the past.
  9. Not treating innovation teams differently to “regular” project teams: Innovation needs different tools and different mindsets, different training and a different mix of skills and personalities.
  10. Not buying or developing an idea management system that captures ideas in a way that encourages people to build on and evaluate new possibilities.
Coming in at number 10 is not managing Innovation systematically through an Idea Management System

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jackvinson said...

Lauchlan, This is an interesting list, but all the "killers" are things that can all be turned around. It seems very geared towards a specific view of how to create innovation. All you have to do it turn those "not" statements into "have" statements, and Innovation appears. Somehow, I suspect this would not completely solve the problem.

I wonder what "is" that kills off innovation. Why is it that we punish failure? Why are we inflexible? These are the things that get more at the root of the issue.

[I know I should be asking Joyce Wycoff.]