Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Idea Management Systems and The Development of an Innovation Culture

A recent article in BRW explored Idea Management Systems and the relationship between the systems and processes of Idea Management Systems and the development of an innovation culture.

John Louth of the Hargraves Institute comments that:
. . . an abundant source of innovative ideas resides in the intellect of all employees and stakeholders, not just those specifically employed to be creative . . . to tap into this vast resource, an organisation needs to build both the culture to engage people and the processes to manage the flow and implementation of ideas.
Louth argues that companies need to concentrate on "the capacity to capture and implement ideas." Like most change initiatives, this process needs buy-in from the top and the changes must be communicated effectively. Louth believes that:
Culture alone without process to deal with the ideas that are generated is not only ineffective but dangerous. Unless ideas are evaluated effectively and implemented . . . there is no value.
Louth discusses a spectrum of approaches, from stage-gate methodologies to less formal approaches; from a high level of maturity and sophistication around idea management metrics to a focus and emphasis on building a creative culture.

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