Monday, July 23, 2007

Göran Roos on Idea Management Systems

Göran Roos is a researcher, academic and business advisor on the management of Intellectual Capital, with co-authorship of works such as Intellectual Capital and Managing Intellectual Capital in Practice to his credit.

Roos was interviewed on innovation recently in the July 19-25 issue of Business Review Weekly, and outlined the need for an Idea Management System to provide a disciplined approach to innovation:
Most people think the generation of ideas is the ability to put a suggestion box on the wall. You'll get a huge amount of ideas. But if you don't give direction, you may get ideas that are completely irrelevant.
What you want is a strategic document that clearly articulates what you are looking for, ensuring people put forward ideas that are relevant to the organisation and linked to its overall strategy. Then you need a management system that can evaluate and commission innovation projects. You will always get more projects than you have funding for, so you need to prioritise them, and get sign-off between the people who are going to develop it and and the people who are going to use it.
In addition, this disciplined approach leads to the ability to systematically measure innovation progress.

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